“As you lie, so sleep!” a true as it can be expression which shows you that it is total difference to fall asleep in a common bed design and a “Plaza Bed”.Plaza Bed is piece of furniture is part of the Noir collection and it is designed by Cattelan Italia.

When you sleep in such a bed even the dreams seem to become more pleasant. Its four posts in chrome, golden and black gold steel assure its elegant and beautiful design. The bed creates an intimate atmosphere which makes you enjoy by the end of a day and the fact you can lie comfortable on it.

Plaza Bed has an aristocratic allure determined by its wonderful classic design. Its intimacy is also assured by the curtains that can cover it and here you can meditate peacefully of the moments of the day that has passed. Taking the shape of an alcove, this bed combines in a pleasant way the aesthetic sense by the way it was designed with the practical one which refers to its destination, that of providing the relax and pleasure of sleeping.

The soft cushions, the high quality mattress and the fin bedding create the whole picture of a quiet night.After you have spent a night in the Plaza Bed, you may say the next day in morning that you “la vie en rose”.


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