The next idea we’re going to present here is not something functional, not even usable. It’s just something strange and odd, a curiosity that seems interesting and fun to look at. It’s a very cute living room designed inside a PC. It’s a fun way of filling out the empty space from your PC case. This would be an ever greater idea if the case was transparent.

If you want to make your own PC look more fun you don’t have to design a living room inside. You can choose to decorate it in any other way. Just be careful not to use inflammable materials or items that might damage the PC. Now let’s analyze a little this tiny living room. As you can see, there are a lot of details in there. There’s the sofa, an armchair, a tiny table with a flower pot on top and even a floor lamp that plugs into one of the PC’s accessory power circuits. And if you think this is crazy, just take a closer look. You’ll see that there’s actually a very tiny gumball machine, a bottle of Coke and the New York Times paper sitting on one of the chairs.

You need a lot of patience to do something like this. I’m sure that a lot of you would like to make their own replica, but when you actually look at all the details it’s very easy to give up.


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