An upcoming Christie’s sale will be of interest to anyone in Lancashire with an antique cabinet full of sporting trophies.

On 18th April, Christie’s of South Kensington will be selling the historic Bréal’s Silver Cup, which was presented to Spyros Louis for winning the world’s first ever competitive marathon, at the inaugural Modern Olympic Games. Louis was the only Greek champion at the games, which were held in Athens in 1896.

Whether you are selling a Victorian trophy or a Victorian balloon backed dining chair, an item with unbroken provenance is always more valuable, and this will be the first time the Bréal’s Cup has been offered for sale. It is presently in the hands of Louis’ grandson, also called Spyros, who commented that while he is proud of the honour bestowed on his family, who have looked after the trophy for 116 years, he needs to consider the future of his own two children.

Unlike a set of Victorian dining chairs, it would be impossible to divide the cup between them, so he has decided to sell it at auction and split the proceeds. The trophy, which is the star lot in a sale of Olympic Icons and Vintage Posters, is expected to realise between £120,000 and £160,000. However, this being the year of the London Olympics, it could realise far more.

No doubt there are a fair few valuable trophies sitting in the antique cabinets of Lancashire, which has a long sporting heritage. Do you have valuable sporting icons at home? If so, a Preston antiques dealer can give you an accurate valuation for insurance purposes.


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