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As a home investor, you know that it’s important to make sure that every penny you spend on new homes in Surrey, or anywhere else for that matter, can be made back and then some. Otherwise there really is no point in being a home investor. You may choose to buy used fixer-upper homes to flip and make money, but in today’s market the best way to increase your profits is to invest in brand new homes at a great price and then sell them if you want to move on as the market rises.


One of the best ways to find new homes in surrey is to work with a developer that is willing to provide you with the homes you need at the pace you prefer, which is especially helpful on a long term basis. (Read full post)

When buying a new bed, do you ever consider the kind of mattress you are buying or will buy to go with it? Many people are all too quick to simply accept the cheapest available option, either the mattress comes with the bed or needs to be bought separately when people realise they need to buy one.

This is a common mistake, and it can lead to you sleeping on a mattress that is not at all suitable for you and therefore disrupts your sleeping patterns. There are several different types of mattress, and although by all means you should save money where you can, you may find out that you are someone who would strongly benefit from paying a little more for a lot more comfort.

The standard style of mattress that most people sleep on is a sprung mattress. (Read full post)

There is now a budding vineyard in the field across from the vacant lot where my cousin tripped and bloodied her leg on shards of broken glass.

The vineyard popped up in my old neighborhood last year, according to my mother. It replaces a pit of an apartment building that was left standing too long.

The bloody leg happened two … OK, nearly three, decades ago.

My cousin was in the first grade or so. I was a few years older, and clearly recall the blood flowing from a cut made by broken pieces of shattered beer bottle.

The pigtailed little girl took a tumble on our way home from school. We carried her home. (Read full post)

Want to build it yourself? Don’t underestimate challenges Q. My husband and I are determined to build our new home. Because the economy is so bad and money is tight, we plan to do this job ourselves. Were convinced we can do this as weve done lots of tough DIY jobs in our past homes. Is it realistic to assume we can complete this project? What are the challenges? What are the pitfalls? Can you help us achieve our dream?

A. My oldest daughter has a nickname for me: dream crusher. I have a habit of being far too pragmatic when she passes an idea by me. I tend to tell the truth and point out all the obstacles so that she can decide if she wants to move forward. So far she has made me proud charging ahead, climbing over the barriers and bursting through any obstructions. (Read full post)